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"Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness"

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An oasis of calm right at the centre of the hustle and bustle of Bath.

The Osteopathy & Pilates Studio is conveniently located on Broad Street Place, at the heart of Bath’s shopping centre. We offer a range of matwork and equipment Pilates classes, individual Pilates sessions, osteopathic treatment and sports massage.


Our numerous Pilates classes are categorized at different skill levels so you’ll be sure to find a class that suits your requirements. We keep our classes small, ensuring you get personal attention from our teachers as they guide you through your session. Our teachers work closely with our in-house osteopaths, sports massage therapists and other doctors and physiotherapists for those people requiring rehabilitation.

The highly qualified clinicians and Pilates teachers use state-of-the-art equipment at The Osteopathy & Pilates Studio, allowing us to offer an outstanding Pilates and physical therapy experience in a caring and compassionate environment. We strive to empower our clients with knowledge of the human body and the tools to achieve optimal performance in daily life. For an appointment please contact us at


Sports Massage Therapy

Sports Massage Therapy can help alleviate the stresses and strains that busy lifestyles, repetitive tasks and sporting activity can wreak on your body. It encompasses a variety of soft tissue manipulation techniques to reduce muscle tension, improve muscle extensibility, release restrictions and prevent injury. Sports Massage Therapy can help restore balance to your body. For an appointment please contact us at


Gift Vouchers

Why not book up a Pilates 1-2-1 session for your loved one for a birthday or Christmas present. For more information phone or email Susie Lecomber at the studio.

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