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Mat Courses

Mat Courses

What is it?

These are 10-week group mat courses structured around exercising on a mat on the floor. Matwork can increase flexibility and strengthen the entire body.

How does it work?

All our mat courses are taught by highly qualified Pilates teachers. Classes take up to eleven students and last for just under one hour.  Although you book on a specific course which runs at a specific time each week you can use our customer portal to exchange out of the occasional class you can't make and exchange into a class on a different day. 

We have a variety of different mat classes on offer:

  • Total Beginner – an introduction to Pilates. 
  • Mat Fundamentals – a low-level class focusing on the basic principles of Pilates.
  • Mat Over 50s – a low-level class especially designed for the senior student.
  • Mat Backcare – a low-level class for people with musculoskeletal problems.
  • Mat Intermediate – a higher level class aimed at students with previous experience of the Pilates repertoire.
  • Mat Advanced – a fast-paced exercise class for the seriously advanced student

To book a mat course please email We do this to ensure you find the right class.