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The Team


Susie Lecomber

Osteopath & Pilates Teacher

I am an osteopath with a strong focus on exercise. My aim is my client’s long-term recovery and I use hands-on treatments combined with exercise and lifestyle advice to achieve this. My ultimate goal is to use the skills I’ve learned through my twenty-five-year career to help people escape pain, feel healthy, and move more freely.

I like to learn, and so I have quite a few qualifications. They include a first-class degree in osteopathy, a postgraduate diploma in women’s health, a postgraduate diploma in clinical anatomy and a certificate in medical acupuncture. I’m a qualified Pilates teacher, but I’ve also studied gyrotonics and yoga. I have a fascination with fascia, and I’m a Scarwork practitioner.

My initial sessions are always an hour. We will take a thorough case history, and you can explain what you hope to get from our time together. I will examine you by getting you to do some simple movements, and we will discuss my findings and make a plan for the way forward. This might involve osteopathy, Pilates, massage, or something else.

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Ali Portrait 2023.jpg

Ali Burrell

Pilates Teacher

Ali Burrell has always found happiness in movement and felt most centred and energised when she could exercise, be it gymnastics and dance as a little girl, or Pilates, yoga and mountain biking now. In order to share this passion for movement, Ali qualified as a Pilates Foundation Matwork and Apparatus teacher in 2004, following a 10-year journey through the health and fitness industry working as an exercise to music teacher, personal trainer and massage therapist.


Ali loves teaching Pilates and facilitating its unique and challenging movement experience, while helping her clients of all ages and levels of ability to grow in strength, flexibility and confidence. Also registered with the Guild of Pregnancy and Postnatal Exercise, Ali enjoys working with woman throughout this special and often physically demanding time.


Most recently Ali has chosen to develop her understanding of Yoga by undertaking a Yoga teacher training course. Her favourite Pilates quote is “I must be right. Never an aspirin. Never injured a day in my life. The whole country, the whole World, should be doing my exercises. They’d be happier.” – Joseph Pilates in 1965, aged 86.

Get in touch with Ali at:

Kerry portrait 2023_edited.jpg

Kerry Wood (Hall)

Pilates Teacher

Kerry Wood originally qualified as a fitness instructor and personal trainer in 2002. Since then, she has worked and trained in most facets of the industry, but found herself erring towards the holistic and sports therapy environment.


An insatiable appetite for further knowledge prompted her to resume her studies – this time opting to train with some of the top industry-training providers worldwide. In 2009 she qualified as a Pilates teacher with the Pilates Foundation, after training with Suzanne Scott at the Scott Studio in Castle Cary.


Kerry finds Pilates one of the most effective ways of bringing the body back into balance, to enhance vitality, wellbeing and self-esteem. Kerry completed her Pilates studio training, again with with Suzanne Scott, in 2011.

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Polly Matteson

Pilates Teacher

Originally a contemporary dancer, I was first introduced to Pilates as a dance student. The technique had such an affirmative impact on my dance practice and outlook on life that in 2007 I decided to train as a Pilates teacher with Suzanne Scott. I am now trained in both mat and apparatus Pilates. 


Because of its bias towards the holistic approach of mind/body integration, Pilates is instrumental in empowering clients to initiate change from within, through increased body awareness, often leading to remedial developments. 


Over the last eight years, I have continued to further my knowledge of Pilates through training with specialised practitioners Karin Locher and Michael Watson, whose work integrates the Pilates method with the Neurofascial system and is informed by Polyvagal Theory. Most recently, I have studied AiM (Anatomy in Motion) with Gary Ward, which involves mapping the whole body's movement through a single footstep - the Flow Motion Model. This has enabled me to uncover optimal, efficient and free-flowing movement for each client, which has become central to my Pilates teaching method. 


In 2022 I was blessed with a beautiful baby boy, and watching him grow and develop has had a truly positive effect on me both personally and professionally. 

Get in touch with Polly at:


Karen Green (Weeks)

Pilates Teacher

I was introduced to Pilates in my mid-20s; then In 2004, I had an accident that led to lumbar spine surgery. The Pilates reformer was a huge part of my rehabilitation program. It helped me return to physical activity and was of great benefit in controlling my pain levels. This made me totally reassess my career in Marketing and I started my training as a Matwork teacher at the Scott Studio in Castle Cary under Suzanne Scott. As soon as that training was complete, I continued my studies for an additional two years to include the Full Studio Apparatus.

I would describe my teaching focus as having a contemporary feel. I aim to maximise the body’s efficiency whilst balancing strength and alignment with fun and energy. The social element of a class is important to me, and so I always try to create a community within my sessions.

Get in touch with Karen at:

Wendy portrait 2023.jpg

Wendy Dewar

Pilates Teacher

Wendy Dewar originally trained as a dancer at the Arts Educational School in London and worked professionally in national, European and Far East tours. During her dance career she sustained a number of injuries and turned to Pilates in the early 1990s with the aim of restoring the balance in her body.


Wendy is a keen jazz and street dance fan and finds the control and choreographic flow of Pilates compliments her love of dance. Having spent many years attending Pilates classes in Bath, Wendy decided to train with Suzanne Scott at the Scott Studio in Castle Cary for the Pilates Foundation and IPTA. Wendy is fully qualified in both Matwork and Studio Equipment.

Get in touch with Wendy at:


Gemma Prior-Reeves

Sports Massage Therapist

I first learnt about sports massage during my BSc in Sports Therapy and have practised ever since finishing that degree in 2006.  I’ve gained other relevant qualifications along the way, including dry needling (acupuncture).  After working in various hospital settings, I now work at The Studio alongside my day job as a project manager.


I love working with the amazing Osteopaths and the Pilates Instructors. My approach to treatment is holistic—I want to help alleviate pain and make you feel better than when you first arrived. I feel sports massage is integral to any training regime, regardless of your experiences in sports or exercise. It is not just for the elite athlete, and regular massage should be part of any training programme. I use techniques that have been developed to ensure effective and efficient results to recover tired muscles and relieve stress and tension. 

Get in touch with Gemma at:


Jo Bird


If asked why I initially chose to become an osteopath, I struggle to remember the answer. Still, since qualifying twelve years ago, I enjoy a style of approach where we problem-solve together to work out what is causing the presenting issue and how best to address it in the immediate and long term. Reducing or eliminating pain - and generally feeling better in your body - has a huge value. Having had my share of injuries, I tend towards the empathetic, but not to the exclusion of effectiveness.  I also use acupuncture; if appropriate, it can be a significant part of treatment - or even a treatment in its own right.

I can talk a lot, as anyone has seen me will tell you. With many of the patients that come and go over the years, there will often be laughter - but I take patient welfare very seriously and am certain that effectiveness is what matters.  


I often collaborate closely with the Pilates teachers here at the studio, but if Pilates isn’t for you, then we will find something that is. I see treatment as part of a solution in general and a tool to enable people to feel better in themselves, however that may look.

Get in touch with Jo at:


Gabrielle Paxton

Pilates Teacher

I love helping people build confidence, strength and joy in their movements. For me, everything about Pilates is beneficial, and I enjoy sharing that with my clients. I’ve been doing and teaching Pilates for over 13 years, and because of this, I feel my body is stronger and happier than when I was in my twenties and thirties.


My classes and teaching focus on mindful movement. I aim to be inventive in my descriptions and imagery and for my clients to gain in strength and flexibility. I’m a very caring, fun and supportive teacher (so I am told) who will encourage you to find your full potential through my creative and fun sessions. Look forward to teaching you.


I qualified as a Pilates Foundation mat teacher in 2013, and I've continued to learn and evolve since then.

Get in touch with Gaby at:

Storme portrait 2023_edited.jpg

Storme Milton

Pilates Teacher

I have been a teacher in the health, beauty and fitness industry for over 25 years; starting out as a gym instructor and personal trainer before widening my experience to holistic massage, beauty therapy and Nordic Walking.


Discovering Pilates a decade ago was a ‘lightbulb’ moment that completely changed my approach to my own wellbeing, and I am passionate about helping others feel calmer, more aligned and more mind/body connected.

I qualified as a Pilates Foundation-trained Matwork teacher in 2016 and am also now a certified Pilates Reformer (equipment) instructor. I have a special interest in Pre and Post Natal Pilates and my classes aim to support you to feel confident, energised and strong at this incredibly important time in your life.


I have experienced first hand how Pilates improved my performance in my hobbies of running, mountain biking and horse riding. I feel better balanced and more flexible in my fifties than I did in my thirties and would love to help you unlock the power of Pilates too.

Get in touch with Storme at:

Andy Portrait 2023.jpg

Andy Watson

Pilates Teacher

I love nature and the outdoors, and initially, I  trained as a landscape architect and horticulturalist. Over time, I found that the physical strain and poor posture led to back problems. To restore balance, I started Pilates classes and soon realised that Pilates could enable my body to work more effectively by reducing strain, helping in healing and preventing injuries.


 I went on to train as a Pilates teacher with Body Control, completing mat and reformer qualifications, plus specialist qualifications in back rehabilitation and bone health.


I am passionate about Pilates, and combining the exercises with good functional movement can have amazing benefits. My sessions integrate classical Pilates, energising movements and a modern approach providing challenge, variety and fun. 


In my spare time, I run marathons, and Pilates is an integral part of my training regime.

Get in touch with andy at:


Natasha Rumbold

Pilates Teacher

I have always loved movement and first discovered Pilates in the 1990s whilst training in classical and contemporary dance.  Ever since, it has always been my go-to exercise:  a great facilitator of technique and fluidity of movement and a source of balance for body and mind.

In 2012, I began my teacher training, initially with Body Control Pilates and subsequently with Lisa Bradshaw.  I am fully Matwork and Studio Equipment trained and absolutely love what I do!  Over the years since, I have become increasingly fascinated by and curious about the human body and how we move!  I have studied with Karin Locher at the Centre for Spatial Medicine and Stephanie Ross-Russell at Art of Motion and Anatomy Trains.   I’m currently studying with Breathe Education for a Clinical Diploma in Pilates Rehabilitation. I’m passionate about continually learning to help people discover the freedom in their bodies to move with ease and enjoyment.


My teaching style reflects my desire to share my love of movement. I want to help individuals work to the best of their ability, so you leave each session feeling great!  I aim to balance technique, strength, flow and functionality and draw from classical and contemporary Pilates to achieve this.

Get in touch with Natasha at:


Helen Sanders

Studio Manager

Someone with a longstanding interest in all forms of sport, from gymnastics and netball as a youngster, through the Jane Fonda ‘Feel the Burn’ and Les Mills Body Pump eras, before moving to more gentle yoga and Pilates practise.


Helen manages all aspects of our studio from ensuring all our clients have a fantastic experience through to ensuring we never run out of loo roll.


Any questions at all don’t hesitate to call or email her.

Get in touch with Helen at:

Emma Portrait 2023_edited.jpg

Emma Cocker

Pilates Teacher

I have been teaching Pilates since 2008 after training at Body Control Pilates® in London and with several supervising teachers around Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire . I have always enjoyed exercise and movement and been fascinated by the human body, its wonderful complexities and enormous potential for change and improvement. I was attracted to training in Pilates because it is a really intelligent form of exercise.

Pilates gives my clients space to focus on their breathing and body awareness, enabling them to improve their strength, flexibility and balance in body and mind. For several years I have been a professional member of BackCare®, committed to reducing the impact of back pain. I also hold the Body Control Pilates® Level 4 Lower Back Pain Qualification, Pilates for Bone Health, Pre and Post Natal Pilates qualifications and have attended many workshops in particular, knee pain, shoulder rehabilitation and the use of props in Pilates. I work to make my classes informative and fun and I try to adapt my teaching to the individual needs of my clients. Seeing the benefits clients gain from Pilates is wonderfully rewarding!

I pride myself on allowing Clients to just be you, challenging when wanted and offering individual adaptions if needed, Pilates is a process and everyone’s is different. I am thankful to my Clients who have been coming to classes over the years and trusting me to help them. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing Clients beam with a smile after a class or share the fact they are now pain free. During classes I aim to bring variety and passion by using small props and equipment – no class is ever the same, keeping classes fresh, unique and quite literally on your toes!

Get in touch with Emma at:

Helen Portrait 2023.jpg

Helen Goddard

Pilates Teacher

Helen was passionate about movement and dance from a young age, and continued to dance regularly into her thirties. Through her dance teacher, Helen discovered Pilates nearly 20 years ago and found that it complemented the flow, control and whole body movement of dance.

She fell in love with the precision and biomechanics of Pilates and with the somatic and holistic nature of the practice. Having studied physiology as part of her degree, Helen was inspired to learn more and qualified in mat and equipment based Pilates with the Pilates Foundation, training for three years with Anne-Marie Zulkahari at the Pilates Yoga Movement studio in London.

As a busy working mum, Helen finds Pilates helps her to feel calmer and more centred as well as building her strength and flexibility. Having experienced injuries herself, Helen has developed an understanding of how clients may feel when they are attending Pilates sessions with pain or injury. Pilates has been an integral part of injury recovery for Helen and she is keen for her teaching to support others to experience the same. Helen loves exploring ways in which Pilates can be effective in restoring balance in the body, building confidence in movement and increasing bodily awareness.

Get in touch with Helen at:


Keziah ‘Kizzy’ Collis

Pilates Teacher

Kizzy is a matwork and equipment trained Pilates teacher with a background in Education and Health Promotion. She began practising Pilates as a teenager, initially to support her love of Dance, but quickly began to enjoy and appreciate the exercise for its own worth and attended regular classes whenever possible.

Whilst working for a global health club in her home city of Bath, she trained as a fitness instructor teaching dance, general fitness and mobility sessions before returning to studies to complete a degree in Education at University, followed by a Masters level diploma in Health Promotion. The combination of her qualifications and passions ultimately led her back to her initial love, Pilates.

Keziah’s background in Education allows her to understand the different ways in which people learn and she adapts her teaching approach accordingly. The way in which Pilates allows people to learn more about their own bodies is a true passion for Keziah, and seeing how it can change people’s lives, both physically and mentally, is the driving force behind her teaching. She loves using imagery in her instruction, with flowing sequences and a focus on even the smallest adaptions to really achieve that “ah-ha!” moment of understanding and progression.

Get in touch with Kizzy at: 


Susan Taylor-Young

Pilates Teacher

With a background in education, it seemed natural for me to train as a matwork Pilates teacher. I have always been passionate about sport and physical fitness, from practising gymnastics at a young age to competitive swimming and tennis. I even ran the London Marathon.  

I discovered Pilates nine years ago after having my twin boys. The pregnancy left me with significant back problems that affected my mobility, and my ability to engage in any sports. I even struggled to drive. I somehow found out about the Osteopathy & Pilates Studio and started sessions with Susie Lecomber.

The resulting physical improvements meant I caught the ‘Pilates bug’ and continued to practice Pilates with many of the wonderful teachers at the studio. This inspired me to complete my training as a matwork Pilates Teacher with Body Control Pilates and subsequently as a Reformer Equipment Pilates Teacher with Lisa Bradshaw, so I could help others understand their bodies and promote controlled, mindful movement to improve their flexibility and strength. 

As an active working mum, Pilates has given me physical strength, mobility and increased flexibility. It has been invaluable in rebuilding my self-confidence and positive sense of self and well-being. I can’t wait to pass all this on to my future clients.

Get in touch with Susan at: 

Canan Sadalak.jpg

Canan Sadalak

Pilates Teacher

For over 30 years, I have been a classical and contemporary dancer with the Istanbul State Opera and Ballet Company, performing as a soloist in many productions and countries. I continue to perform with the company as a character dancer.


In 2004, I qualified as a ballet teacher and have taught children ballet ever since.


In 2014, I achieved my first Balance Body Certificate for Pilates, and I then went on to complete all Balanced Body Certificates in Mat, Reformer and Cadillac. Subsequently, I’ve trained in post-natal Pilates and scoliosis treatment.


I have been a Pilates teacher since 2014, working in a studio in Istanbul (BAPS Body Arts Pilates studio) and with my private clients. I now plan to continue this in the UK at Bath Pilates. 


Movement is my way to happiness, health and a strong and creative mind. I look forward to sharing my love of Pilates to help you improve your overall well-being.

Get in touch with Canan at: 

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