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Ability Levels Explained

  • Level 1 - No previous experience in Pilates, but a wish to gain knowledge and move.

  • Level 2 - A basic understanding of Pilates but needing guidance through each exercise.

  • Level 3 - Confident with some knowledge of the Pilates repertoire.

  • Level 4 - Confident with knowledge of the repertoire. These classes can contain some difficult exercises, so participants will need the awareness to stop if an exercise does not feel good.

  • Level 5 - Confident with a sound knowledge of Pilates. These are hard fast classes, so participants should have good body awareness and be disciplined enough to stop if an exercise is too difficult.

  • (O) Osteoporosis Safe - These classes load the bones in a way that is best for people with less strong bones.

  • (Oa) - Osteoporosis Adaptive. Whilst these classes aren't specifically designed for participants with osteoporosis, we can adapt the exercises for the individual to make them safe.Many injuries can be accommodated within most classes, but check with the teacher.

Sessions can be booked by email.

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